What to Expect When You Need Dental Implants?

To many patients, the thought of getting dental implants can be quite unnerving. Here at Dallas Dental Arts, we’re here to guide you through the process and show you there is nothing to fear.

The Initial Step

The first step of the dental implant process is the consultation with our Dallas prosthodontist. During this visitation, you can expect to receive a thorough exam, X-rays, and an impression to replace the tooth that needs the implant. Note: If teeth have to be replaced, a temporary will be given. Teeth located in the back of the mouth don’t require temporaries.

Surgical Appointment

The following appointment after your consultation will be the surgical session. During the treatment process, Dr. Margolin will remove the tooth and do a bone graft on the area. Depending on the location, a temporary may be placed while the bone matures for about three to six months.

During the maturing process, you will wear the temporary tooth the entire time. Once you return for the second evaluation, our dentist will then explain the process of receiving the dental implant. The process usually only requires an incision and the placement of the implant. As we said before, there is nothing to fear, since the bone contains no nerves and the procedure time is fairly quick!

To summarize, you will typically get a consultation and impressions with us during your first appointment. The next step will be the surgical session, which includes bone grafting and placement of the temporary.

Once the bone has matured, you will return and we will proceed to place the implant. The entire dental implant process can take six to eight months. Finally, after the implant has healed for three to four months, a permanent crown can be placed.

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