Full Teeth Replacement in Downtown Dallas, Tx

It’s Time to Smile Fully Again

Having many, if not all of your teeth missing may indicate that you will need a full mouth restoration involving a mix of dental bridges and dental implants.

Why choose Dallas Dental Arts for Your Full Teeth Restoration?

Implant + Abutment + Crown at an affordable price

  • Full Mouth Restorations are easily one of the hardest treatments to do. That is why it is best to go with a Board Certified Prosthodontist who specializes in these types of cases like our own Dr. Sheena Allen.
  • Specializing in prosthodontics, Dr. Allen has placed thousands of implants in her career
  • Dr. Allen lectures around the country about prosthodontics

Why do you need to replace Your Teeth?

Replacing any missing teeth you have is very important for a variety reason such as:

  • Keeping the integrity of your facial symmetry. When you begin to lose most of your teeth, your face will begin to lose shape and symmetry.
  • Stop teeth movement. Whether it is a single tooth or multiple. It is important to replace the teeth in order to stop shifting of the remaining teeth. Not doing so can cause an array of problems later down in life.
  • Maintain a sound jaw. Your jawbone is strong and healthy because it has to keep your teeth in place. Not having teeth or implants will initiate your jaw to start deteriorating.

What Does A Full Mouth Restoration Process Look Like?

Whenever there is a case where a full mouth restoration needs to take place, dental implants are the superior choice for restoration. Why? Dental implants are the only treatment option that fully restores the appearance, comfort, and function just like natural teeth.

The full Mouth Treatment Process Consists of:

  • Diagnostics and planning
  • The placement of six to eight implants in the upper jaw
  • Four to six dental implants placed in the lower jaw
  • The fabrication of the temporary bridges
  • The making and placing of the porcelain teeth that will be placed on the implants

Looking for an experienced full teeth replacement dentist in Dallas? Contact us now to smile again!


What is the benefit of implant supported full bridges or dentures?

As stated before, dental implants function and feel like natural teeth. Having an implant support bridge or denture ensures that your smile will last a long time. Furthermore, implant supported dentures or bridges are far more comfortable and stable when compared to conventional dentures.

Since this prosthetic replaces some of your roots, your bone is preserved much better. Dental implants maintain a strong healthy jaw due to integration.

For those who worry about appearance, dental implants have a better aesthetic and are easier to keep up with compared to conventional dentures. The bone loss you experience in your jaw with dentures will greatly affect your smile. Since implant support dentures or bridges are sounder, it allows you to maintain a more natural bite without the worry of what food to eat. 

What is the cost of a full teeth replacement in Dallas?

Just like every special case, the cost of treatment can vary depending where you get them, the doctor’s experience, the type of implant, the amount of implant, etc. Usually, a full teeth replacement can cost around $30,000 - $70,000.

How do I Help Keep My New Teeth Clean & Healthy?

Cleaning your newly restored smile is the same as cleaning your natural teeth. It is important to brush and floss everyday and to go to your semi-annual checkup with your dentist to make sure everything is fine.

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