Same-Day Inlays/Onlays

Chipped, broken, or damaged teeth typically require crowns, partial crowns, or some other kind of restoration work. And though it’s vital to repair these conditions, most people would rather not have to undergo the multiple dental visits typically required to get the work done.

But now, thanks to our in-office laboratory, Dr. Allen can perform single-tooth restorations in just one visit — and often in just one hour!

Though the turnaround is short, the list of benefits is long: it’s minimally invasive, preserves a maximum amount of natural tooth structure, and results in a stronger, more natural-looking, and healthier tooth. How? This technology saves your tooth, time, and money, and can even prevent future emergency dentistry that may require crowns, root canals or extractions.

Dr. Allen simply bonds the piece into place, which results in a beautiful-looking and -feeling, natural tooth. And due to the chairside computer screen, Dr. Allen can point out exactly what she’s doing and why, so the patient is entirely comfortable with the entire procedure.

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