Meet Mark Margolin, DDS

Periodontist and Dental Implantologist

  • Voted “Texas Best Periodontist / Implantologist”

Dr. Mark Margolin received his undergraduate degree from the George Washington University and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He completed a three-year residency specializing in periodontics and dental implants at Oregon Health & Science University, where he served as chief resident during his final two years. Dr. Margolin achieved the status of Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology in 2005, a verification of expert status in the field.

Dr. Margolin has devoted significant time to teaching and research. He was an assistant professor of periodontology at Oregon Health & Science University School of Dental Medicine from 2000 to 2003. Prior to his dental training, Dr. Margolin worked in cardiovascular research at the North Shore University Hospital Biomedical Research Center. He contributed to bioengineering research, which led to the development of medical devices still in use in cardiovascular bypass surgery today.

During his dental training, Dr. Margolin did cellular research in a skin bank and grew skin grafts for burn victims. Dr. Margolin continued his research during his hospital residency, with a concentration on bone growth factors and sinus augmentation surgery. His research has been published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals, and he was recognized for his efforts with the Quintessence Award for Student Research in 1994 and the California Society of Periodontists Award for Research in the Field of Dental Implantology in 1997. He also won the Northeast Society of Periodontists Student Periodontology Award in 1994.

Dr. Margolin is an active member of the Dallas County Dental Society, for which he served on the membership development committee and had been elected to the Dallas County peer review committee.

Dr. Margolin performs services in all facets of periodontal therapy and dental implantology, but he has a particular interest in the field of aesthetic periodontal plastic surgery. He has given numerous seminars on this topic, and taught aesthetic dental surgery to other dental professionals. He also has been a sponsored speaker for biomedical and dental implant companies and a featured speaker at the Southwest Dental Conference. Dr. Margolin has been featured on CBS news. He has composed an online continuing education video course for dentists, to train them in teeth-in-a-day, full-mouth-implant-supported dental surgery and restoration.

Dr. Margolin joined the Dallas Dental Arts Team in 2008. He left his periodontal specialty practice to join a multi-specialty team because he believed working chairside in a team with doctors who are specialists in all fields of dentistry was the ultimate way to provide the highest quality of care for the patient. He has found this has been proven true in all facets of patient treatment, from diagnosis and formulation of treatment plans, through active treatment, and during long-term maintenance. 

Dr. Margolin has been placing dental implants for more than 25 years. He uses technology for diagnosis and treatment, performing virtual surgery on his computer before translating the treatment to the patient by way of 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology. He will help determine the correct implant treatment for each patient, whether that is a single implant for a single tooth, titanium or ceramic zirconia, multiple implants for a bridge or snap-in appliance, or full-mouth replacement teeth-in-a-day fixed implant prosthesis. Using the latest technology enables Dr. Margolin to accomplish even challenging dental cases with the highest precision while utilizing less invasive techniques. Dr. Margolin puts emphasis on minimally invasive microsurgical techniques whenever possible, to ease recovery.

Dr. Margolin prefers to use natural materials when grafting patients. These can be donor materials or from the patient. For patients who desire to use their own tissue, a newer technology called L-PRF is available that requires a simple blood draw to process graft materials without the need for surgical harvesting.

Communication and trust are key components of a good doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Margolin spends time explaining to patients what their needs are and options for treatment, then helps craft an individualized plan to meet their needs. He understands that he is treating a person, not a dental issue, and tries to create as pleasant a dental experience as possible for his patients.

For patients who are anxious about dentistry, Dr Margolin is certified for multiple levels of sedation. Laughing gas, oral sedatives, or IV sedation are offered as best suits the patient’s needs.

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