Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry is tooth-conserving dentistry. It treats weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from bacterial invasion.

It reduces the need to cut teeth down for crowns and root canal treatments. In essence, biomimetic dentistry utilizes the latest in dental materials and technology to preserve what we’ve got, for as long as we’ve got ... just as nature intended.

Unlike other parts of our bodies, our teeth do not mend on their own. It is therefore necessary to conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. We strive to do this by offering no-prep and minimal-prep veneers and Same Day Inlay/Onlays rather than full crowns. This means no excessive tooth removal, no cumbersome temporaries, and no time-consuming and uncomfortable second visits.


Nature is our ideal model. In order to mimic nature, we must understand what nature looks and feels like. We need to know how it moves and functions. In other words, we study nature’s properties so we can better duplicate it.

We want stronger dental units — teeth and restorations — not just stronger crowns. Now it is possible to rebuild teeth with newer materials and techniques that more closely simulate natural teeth and hold up better to the hearty demands of life. Our patients can testify that biomimetic restorations feel and look much better than traditional dental restorations.


Modern adhesives and bonding techniques are the driving force of biomimetic dentistry. With traditional dentistry, healthy tooth structure is destroyed and/or removed in order to retain a new restoration.

By using advanced adhesive techniques and properly fashioned inlays and onlays, dentists can help save their patients’ teeth, time, and money. We can say that preservation and conservation lie at the heart of biomimetic dentistry. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

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