Metal Free Dental Implants in Downtown Dallas, Tx

Hassle free smile restoration

When it comes to traditional metal dental implants, some patients may experience allergic reactions to their new prosthetic. What’s the solution? Zirconia.

Why Choose Dallas Dental Arts For Metal Free Dental Implants?

Implant + Abutment + Crown at an affordable price

  • Dr. Sheena Allen is both a board certified prosthodontist and a fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists
  • Specializing in prosthodontics, Dr. Allen has placed thousands of implants in her career
  • Dr. Allen lectures around the country about prosthodontics

What are the benefits of Zirconia dental implants?

  • Biocompatible. Zirconium does not irritate the immune system and there are no known incompatibilities or allergies to this material.
  • Aesthetics. Zirconium involves better adherence of the gums to and around the implants. The white colored zirconia implant is very similar to the natural tooth color, so there are no gray rings or shadows at the gum line, even with thin or receding gums.
  • Less plaque. Significantly less plaque tends to form on zirconium oxide ceramics. This reduces the risk of peri-implantis, cardiovascular disease, and having a stroke.  
  • Blood flow. Unlike metal dental implants, these metal free implants allow for soft tissue blood flow around the tooth.

Are metal free dental implants better than metal dental implants?

At the end of day, it is up to you to decide whether or not you want metal free or titanium dental implants. However, as more people are experiencing allergic reactions with traditional dental implants, they are beginning to choose the zirconium option. In addition, these patients also receive the benefits of:

  • Better healing. As these ceramic implants are have a more natural feel, this implants encourage a better healing process than their metal counterparts.
  • Fewer implant failures. For the reason stated above, many patients experience lower implant failure.

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Metal Free Implants Meet State of the Art Technology

Aside from being the ideal implant solution, combining zirconium dental implants with the highest level of technology can ensure a faster healing process, less pain, and correct positioning.

  • 3D guided surgical placement ensures the optimal positioning for strength and stability.
  • Leukocyte & platelet rich fibrin (PRF) uses your body’s own white blood cells and growth factors to promote natural bone and soft tissue growth.

Non-metal dental implants are the best choice to replace any teeth you may have. Contact Dallas Dental Arts to set up a consultation to enjoy a healthy, new smile with metal-free dental implants in Dallas!

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