Dental Implants Repair

Reasons & Causes for Dental Implant Repairs

Even though our dental implant treatments in Dallas have a high success rate, issues may still come up. Repairing a dental implant may be a necessity whenever an adjustment is needed due to an underlying problem with the implant. Causes and solutions include:

Dental Implant Damage

Implant damage is actually quite rare since the materials used are strong, yet, it can still happen. The dental implant may be worn, chipped, or even damaged. The solution for a damaged implant will be a replacement. 

Dental Implant Damage Cause

This usually happens due to a defect in the materials, excess stress, or the implant not healing properly.

Loose Implants

A loose implant is an implant that isn't properly stabilized and can in turn cause pain or discomfort. This can be solved by either tighetening the implant in place or replacing it in its entirety.

Loose Implant Causes

A loose implant is usually caused by bad placement, healing, stress on the implant, loss of bone, or gum disease. 

Ensuring Your Dental Implant is Properly Cared For 

  • Have your implant treatment be done by a specialist
  • Follow their advice on how to care for your implant, especially whenever you are healing
  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Try not to stress the implant too much
  • If you have any signs of dental implant issues, reach out to your implantologist as soon as possible


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