Dentures vs. Dental Implants

The difference in smile restoration options

While dental implants and dentures both serve the same purpose – restoring a smile, the difference amongst the two are noteworthy. On one hand, dentures are false teeth that can be removed whereas dental implants replace the tooth as a whole, including the root.

What makes dental implants a better choice?

Permanent solution: For those patients who take proper care of their dental implants, they can expect for the implants to last a life time. On the other hand, dentures need to be replaced every few years.

Natural feel: The crown that is placed on the dental implant can be made to resemble the shade of its surrounding teeth. More often than not, most people can’t tell the difference between the implant and their natural teeth!

Stability: One of the cons of wearing dentures is that many patients experience discomfort since dentures don’t stay in place. The benefit of an implant is that they’ll stay in place and not move.

Better for everyday life: Being stable, this means people can enjoy common everyday things such as eating or speaking with no trouble as opposed to having dentures.

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What makes dentures an inferior choice when compared to dental implants?

Messy: Needed to be cleaned thoroughly and often, most patients don’t like going through the hassle of cleaning their dentures as it can be messy and expensive.

Not for the night: You can’t wear your dentures as you sleep.

Everyday difficulty: With dentures, it is difficult to speak or eat since they are not stable.

High turnover rate: Dentures need to be replaced about every three to six years compared to dental implants where they can last up to 20 years or more!

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