Single Tooth Replacement in Dallas, Tx

A simple solution for a full smile

Whenever you lose a tooth, the best option to maintain your oral health and minimize teeth shifting would be to have a tooth replacement via implant. While there are other teeth replacement options such as bridges, none compare to the permanent, worry-free, single dental implant.

Why Choose Dallas Dental Arts For Your Single Dental Implant?

Implant + Abutment + Crown at an affordable price

  • Dr. Sheena Allen is both a board certified prosthodontist and a fellow of the American College of Prosthodontists
  • Specializing in prosthodontics, Dr. Allen has placed thousands of implants in her career
  • Dr. Allen lectures around the country about prosthodontics

Why Are Single Dental Implants in Dallas A Great Choice?

There are a number of reasons why a dental implant is the ideal solution for replacing a single tooth. 

  • Natural Feel & Enhanced Face Structure
    Dental implants both feel and function just like your normal teeth. In addition, dental implants help maintain natural tooth tissue and preserve the bone – reducing bone deterioration.
  • More Confidence
    Functioning in a more natural way, there’s no need to worry about what things to eat or about removable dental prosthetics such as partial dentures or metal clasps.
  • Improving Your Oral Health
    Replacing teeth with a dental implant can help you reduce the risk of contracting periodontal disease. Having a gap in your smile may cause food or bacteria to stick to your gums, increasing the risk of gum disease. Making sure to get your dental checkups and practicing good oral hygiene goes a long way.
  • Permanent and Reliable
    Like all things, if you take good care of a dental implant they can last year for many years to come. Moreover, dental implants are easier to clean and more aesthetically pleasing compared to other smile restoration options.

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What to Expect During the Single Tooth Replacement Treatment?

With today’s modern technology, most patients who seek to have a single tooth replacement treatment done can expect a dental implant and temporary crown on the same day! A few months after this initial procedure, you can expect to have a permanent implant crown replace the temporary crown.

Will the Dental Crown Look Like My Other Teeth?

At Dallas Dental Arts, we promise to give you the best look and feel of a dental implant in Dallas. Using the latest technology, we aim to match the color of your new tooth with the opposing teeth. However, it is important to note that the perfect color may not always be a tangible thing. Still, if you go for a single tooth replacement procedure and your new crown is noticeable than your dentist didn’t try hard enough!

What is the Cost of a Single Tooth Implant?

There are a different amount of factors that come into play when discussing the cost of a single tooth implant. The variables include where you get the treatment, the level of expertise of your dentist, the implant type, how many implants, etc. For a general answer, the cost of a single tooth replacement can range from $3,000 - $7,500. In most cases, we would recommend visiting a dentist who specializes in dental implants as the cost of an implant may go down due to the volume of implants they perform.

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