What To Do If You Need An Emergency Dentist?

Dont Wait To Make The Move To See An Emergency Dentist

To start off, if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or head to your nearest hospital. If you are not experiencing a life threatning emergency, here are some standard protocols you can take.

Your First Steps

Have a regular dentist? Call your office and wait until you receive direction on how to react their after-hours phone line. If you're calling outside of business hours, you might receive the after-hours line automatically in some dental offices. Once you reach your dentist, he or she will then direct you with the proper instructions on what to do based on the emergency that you're having.

Get a hold of you dental provider if you have any fever or swelling

It is important to note that if you are experiencing  swelling or a fever, head to the hospital immediately. If you are calling after-hours, or in need of an emergency dentist after0hours and don't have a regular dentist, we recommend looking for a 24-hour dentist. These types of dentists are hard to find. However, sometimes even a new dentist will come into the office to see a patient but these types of dental emergencies may be expensive. 

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