How Much Are Veneers?

Since veneers can be made with a variety of materials, their price may vary depending on the material used. In addition, the provider and the location where you are getting your veneer can also affect the price.

What are Veneers Made From?

First, let’s begin with the materials used. Typically, the best veneers are made of a porcelain material. There are many types of porcelain but the main types are emacs porcelain and layered porcelain. Emacs is a highly functional type of porcelain and is less likely to chip or crack while layered porcelain has a nicer aesthetic to it but is more likely to chip. Nonetheless, porcelain is the best material for veneers, but it also costs the most.

Composite and Resin Veneers

Materials such as resin or composite are also used to make veneers. Also being called laminates, these types of veneers are usually inexpensive and a decent choice if you are planning to only use them for one to two years. While being fairly inexpensive, resin and composite veneers do come with their cons. Some of these cons are that they chip and stain easily and are only a short term solution. When choosing veneers it is important to note that making the bigger investment may have the veneers last you for a longer period of time.

Other Underlying Factors

Another important factor that raises the prices of veneers is the training your dentist has gone through. Whenever a dentist takes more extensive training in providing a service, the prices may reflect that. The best option is to visit a provider who does veneers often and can do them in a timely manner. While our cosmetic dentists at Dallas Dental Arts have gone through extensive training, this only reduces the risk of the service being done wrong and having to go back and get it redone. On another note, custom orders with any provider can become very expensive.

How Much Will Getting a Veneer Cost Me?

Now that we explained all the factors that increase or reduce the price of veneers you may ask, how much are veneers then? As stated, it all depends. A veneer can cost you as little as $200 and as much as $2,000 per tooth. The laminate (resin or composite) veneers can cost you about $2,500 for the front six teeth. On the other side of the spectrum we have the porcelain veneers that can usually cost about $950 per tooth. If a custom color and layered porcelain is needed, it usually needs to be sent to a laboratory where it needs to be made, making the cost of the veneer about $2,000 per tooth. We recommend speaking to your cosmetic dentist so they can walk you through the best veneer options for your smile.

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