How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

At first glance, getting a root canal may be unnerving. However, it’s a necessary procedure that you must undertake in order to lower the chance of any future dental pain or loss of teeth. Even practicing good oral hygiene, needing a root canal may still be a necessity for a number of reasons. Deep tooth decay, decay beneath crowns, or continuous treatments on a particular tooth are just some of the reasons.

The reason to get a root canal treatment in Dallas is to help save what is left of the tooth. Contrary to the past, teeth that would be infected or had serious trauma would be pulled out. Skip to modern times, Dallas Dental Arts makes all the effort in order to preserve your natural tooth.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

The cost of a root canal can be relatively expensive. However, as stated before, getting a root canal can relieve pain, have you eating normally again, and save your tooth in the process. Variables that affect the cost of root canals include the dentist you choose to go to, where the affected tooth is located, the condition of said tooth, and if a crown would be needed.

  • An anterior root canal can cost around $500-$1250
  • A molar root canal can cost around $800-$1700

What Factors Go Into The Cost of A Root Canal Treatment?

Like other dental procedures, the factors that determine the price of a certain treatment come into play. The first priority should be saving your natural teeth. Other than being more comfortable than bridges or dentures to chew or bite, not replacing a missing tooth may cause teeth around the area to shift. Shifting teeth may make cleaning, biting, or chewing more difficult and may even cause gum disease - making the root canal procedure or other procedures much more expensive in the future. Some other factors include:

  • Insurance
  • The endodontist you choose
  • Paying out-of-pocket
  • Treatment type

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