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Happy Self-Care Awareness Month! It’s no secret that self-care has a huge impact on longevity and quality of life as we get older. Taking care of yourself includes more than just eating right and exercise; you simply can’t neglect your smile! Oral hygiene is directly linked to overall systemic health, and getting into a routine can help speed things up. Let’s ensure you are on the right path for excellent oral hygiene!

For your day to day, brushing morning and night are necessary. We recommend electric toothbrushes because they have been shown to remove more plaque.  They also help prevent over-brushing. Some of our favorite toothpaste brands we recommend for our patients are Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gum Essentials, Sensodyne, Crest ProHealth.

For flossing, we recommend once a day.  Some of our favorite flossers to use are Coco Floss, a Waterpik, or a Waterpik Sonic Fusion. We are huge fans of Coco Floss! We also recommend mouth rinses for supplemental fluoride, dry mouth, or to freshen breath. Good oral hygiene should also be approached as a team that includes the patient, hygienist, and doctor.  An honest evaluation of hygiene with open dialogue is best for building great oral hygiene.  If you actively keep up your oral health routine that means less time off work to visit the dentist!

A healthy diet is also an essential part of having good oral hygiene.  Limited carbohydrates, sugars, and processed foods will decrease the possibility of cavities.  Foods that are healthy for the rest of your body are also great for gums and teeth.

Keeping your smile healthy doesn’t have to be burdensome--it only takes a few simple steps in your day to day routine. We hope you feel encouraged to keep up your oral health and we can’t wait to see you at your next appointment!

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