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Welcome to Dallas Dental Arts!

All 4 Doctors Voted "Texas Best"
by Texas Dentists

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Preventive Dentistry, No Prep/No Temp Veneers, Dental Implants and Beautiful New Teeth All in One Day, All-On-4 Procedure, Root Canal Therapy, Laser Gum Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry all located in the heart of Dallas, TX.

Cosmetic dentistry from one of the most recognized and well-respected cosmetic dentists in Dallas

Dr. Lorin F. Berland is known throughout Dallas, and internationally, for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry and his relentless pursuit for dental perfection. He is one of the most widely published cosmetic dentists in the world, and has been featured on the television programs 20/20, Positively Texas, Inside Edition, and Fox News.

High-tech - high touch dentistry

Most cosmetic dental cases take an average of 3-5 weeks for a complete smile transformation, but for Dr. Berland and his expert team, average is unacceptable as he works hard to give his patients the very best care possible. Combining his many years of experience and use of high-tech equipment and advanced dental procedures, Dr. Berland is able to complete many dental cases within ONE week and in some cases, in just ONE day!

Cosmetic dentistry that enhances your smile and your life

At Dallas Dental Arts , we believe that conserving healthy tooth structure is the best thing we can do for our patients, and that means offering the right treatments at the right time. Cosmetic dentistry is the art of creating a beautiful, younger, more alluring smile - a smile that is sure to have a positive impact on your overall health, appearance, and self-confidence.

Dental Implants are the clear choice to replace missing teeth

Dr. Margolin and Dr. Berland, using 3D technology, the latest technological advances, and a dedicated team of dental artisans, can replace one or more of your missing teeth, many times in just ONE day!

Experience, trust, and proven success

Dr. Berland has helped patients in Dallas and around the world - and he can help you too. Offering treatments like implant dentistry, sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, one stop direct bonding, and inlays/onlays to replace defective silver amalgam fillings, Dr. Berland and his team of dental specialists are able to restore form and function to your smile, and help maintain your body's overall health for many years to come. Our goal is to help you hold on to whatever you got for as long as you got!

All-On-4 Patient Testimonial