Occlusal/Bite Adjustment

Dr. Schaefer,
You took away the aching pain in my teeth almost immediately after the bite adjustment.  Simply the best care I could ask for.  My jaw hasn't stopped aching for years.  Wow, just fantastic work!  Life is better without aching teeth.
I look forward to see what else you can find to improve my teeth on my next visit.  

Thank you very much!!
Charlie H.

  • There are times when some people may wake up with sore muscles or teeth and/or may feel that their bite is lopsided or “shifting”.  These can be signs that an occlusal or “bite” adjustment is needed. 
  • When regular orthodontic treatment is not able to fix the problem, the adjustments are made by simply grinding lightly on the interfering teeth with a fine filing stone. This way all the teeth can come together in a more even and functional relation, all sharing an equal load. Many times    this will relieve excess pressure on select teeth and eliminate pain.
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