Occlusal/Bite Adjustment

Dr. Schaefer,
You took away the aching pain in my teeth almost immediately after the bite adjustment.  Simply the best care I could ask for.  My jaw hasn't stopped aching for years.  Wow, just fantastic work!  Life is better without aching teeth.
I look forward to see what else you can find to improve my teeth on my next visit.  

Thank you very much!!
Charlie H.

  • There are times when some people may wake up with sore muscles or teeth and/or may feel that their bite is lopsided or “shifting”.  These can be signs that an occlusal or “bite” adjustment is needed. 
  • When regular orthodontic treatment is not able to fix the problem, the adjustments are made by simply grinding lightly on the interfering teeth with a fine filing stone. This way all the teeth can come together in a more even and functional relation, all sharing an equal load. Many times    this will relieve excess pressure on select teeth and eliminate pain.

Occlusal Adjustment Before/After


This patient had a gap in between the top and the bottom teeth in the front.   He always felt like he had several “bites” and he felt he could slide back and forth between them whenever he bit down. Several teeth also had sensitivity.  An orthodontics consult concluded that relapse would only occur and braces would not be the ideal solution.  An occlusal adjustment was done to achieve an even bite on all the teeth.  Afterwards the patient had no gap between his teeth, no sensitivity and a definitive bite.  A nightguard was indicated in the end to relax the muscles and protect the teeth from grinding and clenching.


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