Smile Designs

When it comes to your smile design, we wrote the book!


If you don't like the looks of your smile, you can change it as easily as pointing at a picture, choosing the shape and length you want for each tooth from the Lorin Library.


Almost 30 years of dental experience has taught Dr. Berland that smile design is one of the most important parts of a smile makeover and that's why he created the Lorin Library smile style guide.

"From the very beginning, I want my patients to be able to clearly communicate and show what they want in their smile makeover. The Lorin Library Smile Style Guide is a tool that enables me to fully understand what you want, by giving you hands-on access to design your new smile. Then with the use of the Lorin Library, I am able to show you a picture of what you will look like with the different smile designs. From this point, we're in complete understanding, which enables me to clearly deliver what you want in the final teeth."


Smile Makeovers

Your Smile Makeover may include one treatment, or a combination of treatments may be right for you. Most are relatively simple procedures that are conservative, painless, fast, and surprisingly affordable. Dr. Allen or Dr. Berland can quickly repair chips, fill in spaces, and camouflage stains to give you a new smile that would once have required years of braces and months of surgery and dental work. Dr. Allen or Dr. Berland can often create that beautiful smile in as little as one or two days, so you, too, can enjoy the benefits of cosmetic dentistry!

If you, or someone you know, are not happy with your current smile and are considering a smile makeover, please let us know. We would be happy to set up a consultation, to discuss options and show the array of smile designs available to create your new look. With the highly acclaimed Lorin Library Smile Style Guide, the path to your new smile is one you can approach with confidence and ease.

For more information on Cosmetic Digital Imaging, please click here.


Here's what beauty experts are saying about the Lorin Library smile style guide and the Dallas Dental Spa

"I like my teeth square, my diamonds square, and my nails square," says one patron of Dallas Dental Spa, where cosmetic dentists Dr. Sheena Allen and Dr. Lorin Berland create beautiful smiles to order. The spa's smile selection guide offers patients 18 dazzling alternatives to choose from. "We have found a direct correlation between the shape of a woman's nails and the tooth shape she prefers.

"Women with rounded nails may prefer rounded teeth, while those with square or pointed nails may opt for a similar shape in teeth, or maybe even the exact opposite. It's definitely a matter of choice," says Dr. Berland.

To learn more about the Lorin Library and how you can design your new smile click here.

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