Same Day Inlay/Onlay CD

Dr. Lorin Berland's Biometric Dentistry CD: The perfect remedy for the troubled tooth in these troubled times. For more than 20 years, Dr. Lorin Berland has been offering his patients polymer ceramic same day lab processed inlays and onlays. "I'm seeing more patients all the time who seek this kind of treatment. To the public, it is elective, preventative, necessary and wanted."

Dr. Berland's excellent CD teaches the techniques for replacing defective amalgam restorations while conserving and reinforcing the remaining tooth structure. His technique requires no temporaries, no costly second appointment, no embarrassing emergencies in between visits and no lab bill. Your patients will appreciate getting it all done in one visit and even more, they appreciate not having their teeth "ground down for crowns and/or root canals".

Save your patient's teeth, time, and money! We're all just trying to hold on to what we got for as long as we got. And best yet, Dr. Berland's approach does not require a Cad Cam. And it's faster! To learn more about Dr. Berland's exceptional CD, including the techniques, materials and equipment necessary to provide same day onlays and inlays please Click Here. Or you can call his office at 214-999-0110.

Comment by Tom McGuire, DDS

I have reviewed Dr. Berland's instructional CD outlining the techniques, materials and equipment necessary to provide this wanted and needed service. I highly recommend it to any dentist who wants to improve his practice and patient care by learning about Dr. Berland's Biometric Approach to Same Day Inlays and Onlays.

Same Day Inlay / Onlays