Implant Dentures

The New Solution to Having No Teeth!

Why they are right for you:

•They don’t move around in your mouth when eating
•No soreness on your gums
•No adhesive needed
•Nothing on the palate
•Feel more like natural teeth

What They Are

An implant denture replaces an entire arch of missing teeth and utilizes implants for retention and support.  Improved retention will prevent dentures from moving around in your mouth or “popping out”, especially on the lower arch.  Better support and stability will help to bite down harder and chew more efficiently.

A significant improvement on eating, speaking, and laughing is noticeable due to the dentures being fastened securely to the implants.


Before and After

Implant Dentures


Your options

Removable Overdenture

These are just like regular dentures except they “snap on” to the implants.  They have the same shape and size as regular dentures, and are made of the same material.  These are able to be removed by the patient for cleaning.

Fixed Denture

These are directly screwed onto the implants and cannot be removed by the patient. These can be made from a variety of materials depending on patient factors and preferences. 




•Improved retention and stability from regular dentures
•Better lip and cheek support
•Natural esthetics
•Hygiene is very easy


•Some mobility on chewing
•Needs to cover more gums and palate
•Material is less durable

Fixed Dentures


•Slimmer dimensions -Less gums and palate coverage
•Great esthetics
•Fixed (only Dentist can remove it
•No movement


•Hygiene maintenance is more difficult
•Repairs are more complicated
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